feel my heartbeat

The most wonderful feeling I ever felt,
the tingling feeling that you may experience a few times in your life.
the feeling that takes me up to the highest mountain above the clouds.
the powerful feeling that can make me feel like I lost everything in a single second.
that feeling that makes me feel that my life has never been better .. it feels like "a bed of roses" or that I jumping around on clouds.
without problems, without any worries.
I can laugh like never before your smile in my mind.
I feel for the first time anything, I would sacrifice everything for this feeling,
I feel that everything is right,
I know that this is the best feeling that visited me,
that feeling that no one can describe with words.
the feeling you would not sacrifice all the money in the whole world.
the lively feeling that just tickles one in the stomach, butterflies are just becoming more and more.
I'm happy all the time, i melt in your eyes.

This feeling is


you make me smile when I sleep
you are perfect   ♥


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