du vet vem du är, läs och ta åt dig

You manipulated and dictated what I'm supposed to think
I don't understand how you swept in & blinded me
I was so in love, yet I was dedicated to you

 Thought everything was perfect and I thought nothing would change
Now all of a sudden I can see right through your games
And I can't believe I gave my whole life to you

It hurts so much inside, I don't know how you controlled my mind
And there's no way you can make it fine
Don't think I can forgive you if I tried.

Cause you brainwashed me, you had me thinking we would last forever
But now it's over, I really need to clear my head and start over
I don't know how I let you brainwash me,

You had me thinking I can live without you
Why didn't I see it?
Unless I've really been a fool and believed it, but I believed it

Now I close my eyes, everything around me is much clearer.

Why was I so blind? To let you take over my whole life.

I'm gonna start new and it's gonna be without you

Make sure this never ever happens again, you know

And I wont be too afraid to take the chance

And I'll never let another dude.

I will never ever ever let another dude, brainwash me, hurt me, and betray me like you did. you SHUOLD BE ASHAMED, you should be really fucking sorry for what you have put me trough..

I hope that you are so damn proud of yourself now, for if you were trying to hurt me so you could seriously fuck have not succeeded much better

Postat av: :)


2010-05-10 @ 19:46:09

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