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The thought occurred to me now, after 151 days, after so many days, I realize now, that you are not here.
you flew away to another place for exactly 151 days ago, a place that we can not visit even in our dreams.
it feels like everything is one big mess. you feel no joy anymore, you feel no security, you feel naked, exposed & vulnerable.

every little stuff, makes you break down, a beautiful song, a little problem, or a misunderstanding. or something very much reminds us of you. poof and you become weak in the knees directly, your eyes begin to sting and it totally breaks down. to blame, and you are so fucking hell and disappointed in yourself that you did not take advantage of the time you had, the extremely valuable time, which you didn't know then, that that be only a certain number of days left before you were gone forever, the terrible thing is that you knew nothing, it just came as a letter in the mail on a Sunday morning, the letter was the most fearing that you never could have imagined. suffering a disease, one hell of a fucking disease, THE TOOK YOU, WITHOUT ANY FUCKING REASON;
it is just what you are afraid of, that the unthinkable can happen to you or a family member in just one hundredth of a second. and NOTHING is as it was before.

you feel that theres someone thats missing, it is empty of such birthdays, Christmas Eve, there is no starvation of long said that extra fun as you used to say, there's no telling where the fun 100 different stories with the sensation that you did. there is no one who gives them that extra special cuddly hugs anymore, that smell, that NO ONE else had, it is now gone. gone forever

there is not, it has not been, and there will NEVER be someone like you,
we miss you, our beloved angel,

Postat av: alice

i know bby....hang in there. i know how you feel. i love you <3

2010-09-30 @ 16:42:04
Postat av: heey

är det någon av dom på bilden? :(

2010-09-30 @ 19:13:23
Postat av: evelina :D

a: thank you honey, i love you <3

heey: nej..

2010-09-30 @ 19:54:41
URL: http://evelinasellen.blogg.se/
Postat av: heey

okej, hoppas du mår bättre snart =)

2010-09-30 @ 22:11:25
Postat av: heey

okej, hoppas du mår bättre snart =)

2010-09-30 @ 22:12:10
Postat av: evelina :D

tack..men vem är du egentligen "heey"?

2010-09-30 @ 22:38:58
URL: http://evelinasellen.blogg.se/
Postat av: Emma

<3 vad fint evelina. vi saknar pappa varje dag.

2010-10-04 @ 12:34:45
URL: http://emmabredell.blogg.se/
Postat av: evelina :D

ja det gör vi <3

2010-10-04 @ 18:34:46
URL: http://evelinasellen.blogg.se/

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